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Voice Lessons with Abby

Some of my Teaching Goals and Priorities

  • Always keep in mind that ANYONE can sing, we are all born with that capability!

  • Always encourage a joy and love for vocal music

  • Be patient and understand each singer’s background and abilities

  • Begin with a solid understanding of breath, its management and support, as well as other basic technical aspects of singing

  • To never stop learning myself

  • To individualize my teaching for each student – know how each person works and operates (what is their learning style – visual, kinesthetic? Are there strategies/techniques that help them?, etc)

  • To always be empathetic to my students – singing is very personal and difficult!

  • In the first lesson, the priority will be getting to know the student – why are they taking voice lessons?

  • What do they like about singing and music?

  • How do they learn best?

  • What do they already know about music and singing?

  • Have they taken lessons before?

  • Do they have any additional musical background?

  • What is their favorite song – can they sing a little bit of it?


*From there, depending on the student and their level, we may move on to warming up a little bit, working on understanding of breath, management and support, or maybe just making some organic sounds, like a monkey or a car engine (sounds silly, but it works!).

What to Expect in the First Lesson

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